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Pooya Gharb | ACSR/AW


Aluminum conductor strengthened with AW wire consists o a few aluminum cores/H19-1350 which are stranded in a few layers around the rounded wire in the core.

The AW wire can be put either in one or several (7,19,37) core, it’s possible to design & produce various combinations of layers of AW & steel wires.

Size & the layers number are described in the technical features table.


Feature & Advantages: 

Wire consists of a central steel core with a layer of high-conductivity over it. The layer thickness is at least 10% of the wire. The wire is a combination of light aluminum , good conductivity & steel high tensile strength.

The Alum weld conductor ACSR/AW is used for the distribution & transmission lines in the areas where high temperature & corrosion resistance is required , the air is polluted or in the shore & industrial zones.